When Exercising, Simpler Can Be Better

January 17th, 2017

Fitness for Health and a certified Athletic Trainer for more than 25 years, I believe that people honestly don’t think of walking as exercise.  They assume exercising has to be sit-ups, running on a treadmill or playing a fast-paced sport. As I explain to the participants in Fitness for Health’s therapeutic exercise, occupational therapy and physical therapy programs, you can obtain exercise by any sustained movement that raises your heartbeat and that you’ll continue to do because you enjoy it.  The key to an exercise routine is remembering that fitness is fun! There’s a misconception that walking is boring. Why not make it more exciting by walking with a buddy?  Activities – especially athletic training – are always more fun with a friend.  Research confirms that a support system helps maintain long-term, weight management.  So, find a fun, walking partner.  According to 30 Tips When You’re Walking for Weight Loss by Eat This Not That!, “It’s no joke: genuine laughter may cause a 10–20 percent increase in basal energy expenditure and resting heart-rate, according to a study published in the International Journal of Obesity. That means a 10-15 minute giggle fest could burn up 40 to 170 calories.” Regular exercise – especially walking – is beneficial for people of all ages.  Exercise helps to improve muscle and joint flexibility and keeps your heart healthy while improving bone and joint health.  It also can improve sleep and helps weight management. Fitness for Health creates unique exercise programs based on a person’s individual fitness goals.  Want to lose weight or maintain weight management as an adult or combat childhood obesity?  Interested in toning your body?  Aspiring to improve your athletic edge?  No problem!  Whether you are a child or a senior citizen, Fitness for Health can you help you and your loved ones reach your full potential.]]>

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