What’s In Your Lunchbox?

September 6th, 2016

school lunches.  But, some food options served at school are still exceeding recommendations for fat and leading to the childhood obesity epidemic. In the typical school cafeteria, kids can still choose an unhealthy mix of foods, especially the less nutritious fare often available a la carte or in the vending machine. If your child will choose an item from the lunch line, encourage him or her to make good choices by incorporating fruits and veggies and trying a variety of foods.  (Chicken nuggets may be tasty, but eating them each day won’t give your child an opportunity to try new foods that he/she may love.) If your child will brown bag it, enlist your child’s help to make lunch!  Treat this bonding moment as a chance to instill healthy food choices in your child while having fun making creative fare.  Does your child love “Toy Story”?  Make cucumber slices that look like aliens.  Does your daughter like flowers?  Make a PB & J sandwich on wheat bread that is shaped like a daisy. Is your son excited by military planes? Create a plane-shaped sandwich using a cookie cutter and add organic raspberries and blueberries to a handful of marshmallows to make a patriotic red, white and blue lunch! Your imaginations your only limits! Begin the school year by reminding children that food can be fun while being nutritious and can stave off childhood obesity. And, the best part? You’re creating lifelong memories and laying the foundation of your child’s future, healthy, active lifestyle. Looking for your child and/or teen to get off the couch and prepare for the new school year?  Concerned about weight management?  Searching for a physical activity where your child aged 7-18 will want to keep coming back?  Fitness for Health’s Healthy Heart class is just the ticket.  Your child will have a blast this September while breaking a sweat with our heart-pumping exergaming program.  Using our state-of-the-art equipment, kids will get fit, feel good and get healthy. Have a happy and safe new school year!]]>

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