Do You Practice “Rational Fitness”?

September 27th, 2016

Good Morning America recently and I was struck by their segment concerning “Rational Fitness.”  They reported, “People should focus on how you feel and not the guilt of not working out enough or counting food points.” How true. Exercise is the world’s best drug; it’s just not a weight-loss drug.  So, if people are only exercising for weight management, they’re going to stop when it doesn’t work.  And, that’s a shame given the benefits it has to your overall health. As the founder of Fitness for Health, a therapeutic, exercise facility working with children through senior citizens in the Washington, DC, area, I have seen firsthand the power of athletic training and exercise to improve weight management and to improve bone and joint health in all age groups – while having fun. Make fitness fun!  Fitness for kids and adults doesn’t have to be sit-ups and sprints.  Have fun as a family.

  • Take your children with you and the family dog for a walk around the block.
  • Hit the basketball court for a friendly game of Horse (try parents versus kids).
  • Unwind at the playground on the swings, monkey bars, or climbing walls.
Burn calories while having fun with your kids and pets. Laugh and enjoy being sweaty. As the Good Morning America story reported recently, “Motivation follows action.”  If you don’t enjoy it, you won’t continue doing it and burning calories. Remember, you, as a parent, are setting an example.  If you have fun being fit, your kids will grow up learning that leading a healthy, active lifestyle is fun too. Do you want your tweens and teens to get off the couch?  Concerned about their weight management?  Searching for a physical activity where your children will have fun and want to keep coming back?  Fitness for Health’s Healthy Heart class is just the ticket.  Your kids will have a blast while breaking a sweat with our heart-pumping exergaming program.  Using our state-of-the-art equipment, kids will get fit, feel good and get healthy. This program is a cardio clinic used to help children who are overweight. It is a successful product of our collaboration with Potomac Pediatrics to help improve kids’ health and fitness. Join the fight against childhood obesity and register for our Healthy Heart program today! Visit to learn about our fun, exergaming programs for preschool through senior citizens.]]>

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