Kids Programs

Kids Programs

At Fitness for Health, we design our kids programs to help children develop the skills—and the self-confidence—they need for real life. We do it through our unique Success Builds Success approach, which encourages children learn to take new risks through small, achievable—and wildly fun—challenges.

Exercise Reinvented Into Pure Fun

From rubber chickens to pooper scoopers to giant badminton racquets, the exergaming equipment at Fitness for Health is anything but conventional. We use every tool imaginable to remove fear and inspire and engage kids to move, including:

  • A completely glow-in-the-dark gym
  • Laser maze
  • A 3-D virtual reality gaming system
  • 60-foot interactive climbing wall
  • 12-foot glow-in-the-dark climbing wall
  • 30-foot trampoline
  • And much more

Building An Important Skill Set

Our programs are designed to help children shape the skills that other fitness and training programs tend to ignore, including mental processing, motor planning, visual information processing, and proprioception (the ability to innately sense your body’s position, movement and spatial orientation).Learn more.

Kids Programs for Every Ability

Named on of the Washington, D.C.-region’s best special needs resources by readers, Fitness for Health is a proven leader in helping children of all abilities achieve things they never thought possible. Learn more about our programs:

How to Get Started

Call (301) 231-7138 or register for a FREE tour or open house to learn more.