Is Your Child Pouring on the Pounds?

March 26th, 2019

sugary-drink taxes, limits on marketing to kids and teens, and more precise nutritional information on packaging,” as reported by USA Today. The two organizations released a statement yesterday announcing that they wanted to see healthy drinks, like water and milk, be the default beverages on kiddie menus and in vending machines, and they encouraged hospitals to serve as examples for how to limit or discourage consumption of sugary drinks. “Excess consumption of added sugars, especially from sugary drinks, poses a grave health threat to children and adolescents, disproportionately affecting children of minority and low-income communities,” the 12-page paper begins. Did you know that each 7.5 ounce can of Classic Coke has 90 calories? You may be sabotaging your family’s weight management and increasing your kids’ odds of developing childhood obesity by satisfying your child’s thirst with the “wrong” drink. According to Redbook’s “8 Ways You’re Drinking Water Wrong,” even some flavored waters may be considered soda. Some bottled waters use natural fruit favoring to add taste, but others use artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners which should be considered a non-daily treat – like soda. The online article states, “These artificially sweetened waters also tend to be loaded with refined sugar, piling on the calories if you guzzle a few throughout your day…there can be upwards of 120 calories worth of sugar in a standard 20-ounce bottle, or about 50 calories per cup.” How can you begin to combat obesity?  Drink more water – plain or naturally fruit-enhanced. The human body is comprised of roughly 60% water and water is vital to your health – especially in the beginning of spring and heading into the heat of summer when your child needs to stay hydrated to stave off heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

  • Your child will lose weight and maintain weight management if he stays hydrated. If his belly feels full, he won’t be as hungry and won’t overeat.
  • Staying hydrated will help your kids exercise because they will have less joint pain and will increase bone and joint health. Joints are fluid filled and you have to drink enough water in order for them to work properly. This is especially true of the discs between your vertebrae. If your child suffers from low back pain, drinking water can help. This is also true for your knees. Water is vital to your joints and keeps them moving freely. Drinking water can reduce pain in your joints by keeping the cartilage soft and hydrated. This is actually how glucosamine helps reduce joint pain, by aiding in cartilage’s absorption of water.  Less pain means more opportunity to exercise and stay fit.
Water is the building block of life and helps with critical functions such as maintaining body temperature, cushioning and protecting vital organs and aiding in digestion.  Therefore, it is vital that kids – and adults – try to drink half their bodyweight in ounces of water (if your weighs 80 pounds, she should drink 40 ounces of water) each day.  Your child’s body will thank her and you’ll be a hero for improving your kids’ health! Don’t think you can break the soda habit?  Help your family swap out one sugary drink a day with plain or fruit-enhanced water and save yourself – and your kids – 90 calories! By substituting just one can of soda a day, you will lose 14.6 pounds a year, according to researchers. Fitness for Health can help your family build a healthier body by creating a customized, exercise regimen that addresses your – and your kids’ – unique concerns.  Whether you want to help your child’s weight management,  tone, build muscle, increase flexibility or improve her athletic training, we can help your children reach their goals!  Learn how we can help your family lose weight and combat childhood obesity today!]]>

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