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Sharon Foery, Mother of Client

Twelve years ago my daughter had her 6th birthday party at Fitness for Health.  It was a huge hit, but who would have guessed that at the age of 15 she would be back on a more serious level working with Reza to improve her eye hand coordination skills and reaction time – both extremely important as a lacrosse goalie committed to play at a D1 school in the fall of 2016.  Her prior lacrosse training had focused on strength, speed and agility, and in-goal training, but she had never had an opportunity to receive specific training that was really geared toward improving her reaction time.  We have seen a very steady improvement in her response to the ball and ultimately in goals saved.  Reza continues to work with my daughter and is constantly challenging her to reach the next level.  Reza thinks outside of the box to test my daughter’s abilities, stimulating areas that enhance the response time.  We are very fortunate to have Fitness for Health and Reza that together provide my daughter with a unique training opportunity.

Sharon Foery