Benefits of Exergaming: How Movement Improves Team Building

Team collaboration has never been more important in the workplace.  When an organization lacks teamwork skills, people function in silos. Narrow viewpoints and individual competition will eventually result in lost opportunities for business – and personal – growth.

86% of respondents in a Fierce Inc. survey blamed workplace failures on lack of collaboration or ineffective communication.

Have you heard about the new trend in exercising and technology that is revolutionizing fitness?  Exergaming combines the fun of video games, cutting-edge technology and other creative tools with proven fitness tactics—such as heart-pumping movement—to help build strength, improve the mind/body connection and increase collaboration while having fun.

It’s well known that interactive games are good for improving cognitive skills – split-second decision making, problem-solving, multitasking and increasing your attention span. But, did you know that exergaming can also improve teamwork?  These types of games promote interaction between co-workers by fostering stronger friendships and allowing more open and effective communication to reach an end goal. Exergaming also allows users to experience healthy competition to improve “adversity skills” – pushing ahead when faced with challenges.

Led by Marc Sickel, founder and owner of Fitness for Health and a celebrated innovator in the field of exergaming, Fitness for Health has been reinventing exercise since 1989.  Many of our exergaming systems have been custom-designed in partnership with leading manufacturers and used by professional athletic teams, athletes and NASCAR drivers.

Are you interested in improving teamwork skills at your office? Turn to the experts at Fitness for Health. Our energetic, movement programs are designed to promote participation and collaboration while improving fundamental skills, kinesthetic/body awareness, motor planning and gross motor skills. Call us at 301-231-7138 to learn how we can host your office’s teamwork event at our cutting-edge, exergaming facility.