Back-to-School Fitness for Moms

The importance of improving fitness skills cannot be underestimated.  Many adults with low levels of interest in physical activity are often found to have decreased self-confidence.  The American Heart Association has shown that physically active people show improvements in a wide variety of measures of psychological well-being – including self-esteem.

A great way to “freshen up” your workout routine is to include yoga.  Yoga can be practiced year round, inside or outside, as long as you have a mat.  Enjoy the last days of beautiful summer weather!  Take your routine outdoors so that you can absorb the fresh air and sunshine while you work your muscles.

This is the ideal exercise for busy women on the go who can’t tolerate high impact exercise such as running. Not only will your self-esteem improve – because you will see results – your overall mindset will improve too. Your mental health will benefit as you learn to breathe and relax – which is especially important during the chaos of preparing your children to head back to school.  Less stress means you are better able to handle life’s everyday little crises and it will help you to take a little time to focus on yourself and your personal needs.

Moms, do you want to reach your full, physical potential this school year?  Fitness for Health offers adult, fitness and weight management, athletic training and development, physical therapy and bone and joint health programs using bioDensity™ and Power Plate® technology.

Do your kids need a little extra confidence going into the new school year? We can help! At Fitness for Health, we design our kids’ health and fitness for kids programs to help children develop the skills—and the self-confidence—they need for real life. We do it through our unique Success Builds Success approach, which encourages children learn to take new risks through small, achievable—and wildly fun—challenges.

Our programs are designed to help children shape the skills that other fitness for kids programs tend to ignore, including mental processing, motor planning, visual information processing and proprioception (the ability to innately sense your body’s position, movement and spatial orientation) in addition to offering weight management for kids.

Have a happy and safe new school year! Namaste!