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Learning On The Move! Brain Camp – Winter Program

Learning happens best when both the brain and body are actively engaged.  The Learning on the Move! Brain Camp reinforces essential classroom academics through physical movement.  Learning Essentials and Fitness for Health are collaborating on this innovative program.

As a result, students will gain:

  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Self-confidence and social skills
  • Thinking and language skills
  • Physical coordination and spatial awareness

Learning on the Move! Brain Camp uses a mind and body activated approach to create an exciting, effective learning experience.

Learning on the Move! Brain Camp’s six, 90-minute sessions help students to better understand, synthesize, and articulate math, reading, and writing concepts:

  • Common Core State Standard elements anchor each session
  • Certified special educator and pediatric fitness specialist ensure small class ratio
  • Whole body movement reinforces academic concepts



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