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Fitness for Health specializes in creating personalized, therapeutic programs for children and adults with a broad range of special needs. We help to improve the wellness and fitness levels of people with Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADD/ADHD/LD, sensory processing disorders, gross motor delays, Down Syndrome, developmental and physical disabilities, confidence and self-esteem issues, and emotional disturbances and anxiety disorders.

Tips to Help Kids with Autism Get Excited About Fitness

April is National Autism Awareness Month.  To celebrate, I’d like to take this opportunity to highlight the importance of athletic training and kids’ health in the autism and special needs …

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The Importance of Exercise for Children and Adults with Special Needs

EVERYONE can benefit from the release of excess energy, burning unwanted calories and the pure enjoyment of physical activities.  This also includes children and adults with special needs.  People with …

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Less than 1% of Life Spent On Fitness

Do you spend your leisure time in front of your computer, iPhone or television? Probably, according to a new, global study by Reebok, which investigated “how humans spend their time …

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