Occupational Therapy with Marc Sickel for Special Needs KidsSpecial Needs Therapy

Exergaming for Bone and Joint HealthBone and Joint Health

Senior Wellness with Fitness for HealthSenior Health

Healthy Weight Management for kids and adultsHealthy Weight Management

EDGE Athletic Sports Development with Fitness for Health

EDGE Athletic Performance 

Physical Therapy for Pain Management

Physical Therapy for Pain and Mobility

Fitness for Health | Unconventional Methods for Unparallelled Results

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 Children, Adults, Seniors, Special Needs- We have a program for everyone. We combine innovative exergaming systems with expert coaching for occupational therapy and physical therapy in a nurturing environment to help you progressively build your gross, visual and cognitive motor skills—and your self-confidence—to your highest potential. 

The programs are so fun, you won’t even realize you’re conquering your fears and obstacles along the way. That’s because our fitness programs are unlike any other. 

Reach your full potential with Fitness for Health!

Why We’re Different


How is Exergaming Awesome?

Exergaming combines the fun of video games, cutting-edge, high-tech equipment, and other creative tools with proven fitness tactics—such as heart-pumping movement or core building balance—to help children and adults build their strength, fitness, and self-confidence while having the most fun possible. Learn why it works

Our Award Winning Occupational Therapy

Fitness for Health’s pediatric occupational therapy services are designed to help children with a broad range of special needs enhance their self-esteem and reach their greatest potential. More

Come to our Open House

Come tour our state of the art facility while your children get to work out with our fitness trainers. We hold an Open House on the first Sunday of each month from 5 – 6 PM. RSVP through our registration page, send an e-mail, or call us at 301-231-7138  



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